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Please take a moment to review components covered by the Liberty Home Protection Combination plan alongside items covered by comparable plans of other providers. A side-by-side analysis of a variety of home warranty companies' common plans is an excellent opportunity to learn of inclusions, exclusions, and cost.

Home Warranty Companies
Liberty Home Protection
American Home Shield Home Warranty of America Mutual Warranty
Plan Combination Essential Standard Premium
Deductible $50.00 or
$55.00+* $50.00 $45.00
Price $399.99 $336.00 435.00 $425.00
Over 5,000 Square Feet Penalty None +$298.00=
Plumbing System * * * *
Electrical System * * * *
Central AC * Not covered * Not Covered
Duct Work * * * *
Water Heater * * * *
Heating System * * * *
Exhaust Fans * * * *
Refrigerator * Not covered * *
Food Spoilage * Not covered Not covered Not covered
Dishwasher * * * *
Range/Oven * * * *
Washing Machine * Not covered * Not covered
Clothes Dryer * Not covered * Not covered
Sump Pump * * * *
*Additional covered items may be available in both LHP and competitor plans.

*AHS: You will pay $55 for each trade service call, or the actual cost, whichever is less. Additional charges may apply to certain repairs and replacements.

After all that information, now you should be one step closer to making the most educated decision. When it comes to your home and family, nothing should be overlooked. We encourage you to continue taking a closer look at your options at our Home Warranty Learning Center; or, please visit our current Home Warranty Offers page here.


Liberty Home Protection
Other Companies
Why put yourself at risk for the unexpected expense of failing appliances & systems? Partner with a proven leader in home warranties & benefit from years of experience & solidarity.
Not all warranty providers are created equal. Get the facts first, sign later. How long have they been around? What type of credentials do they have?
Plans & Pricing
We’ve got the most affordable policies. With plans starting as low as $24.99 a month, we make the price of peace of mind realistic. Select monthly, quarterly or annual payments.
Plans & Pricing
Always request a policy itemization up front so you know exactly what your plan covers and what the final cost will be. Inquire if additional charges apply to certain repairs and replacements.
Service Response
Take advantage of our hassle-free claim-filing system with a proven record for serving the immediate needs of our valued clients. When it’s broken, we get it fixed & we do it fast!
Service Response
Your fulfillment center should be organized. Make sure you understand how your warranty company handles service calls.
Model Repair & Replacement
If one of your appliances needs to be replaced, we will cover it. The new unit shall not be inferior to the defunct model. In some cases, the item replacing yours will be a better model!
Model Repair & Replacement
Ask your home warranty company if they reserve the right to use "rebuilt parts and components" for repairs. Discover if your home warranty company reserves the right to exclude responsibility to use "like-for-like" replacements.
Operation Hours & Procedures
Just one phone call accomplishes all your home warranty needs. We have someone there when you need them - days, nights & holidays- to answer your questions or dispatch a certified technician.
Operation Hours & Procedures
Be sure to ask if service representatives are available during weekends. Also ask if your home warranty company reserves the right to charge additional fees and overtime for non-emergency service requests after normal business hours.
Don’t stop there. Now that you know what to watch out for when it comes to the basic features of any home warranty plan, you’ll want to be sure to follow up and go a step beyond with Liberty Home Protection.
Liberty Home Protection
Other Companies
With Liberty Home Protection, count on the kind of coverage that is right for you, for the length of time you select. Pay in advance or pay as you go. The choice is yours.
Always carefully read the fine print when committing to any service plan. Be sure you understand what your term obligations are to the provider, and vice versa.
Policy Transfer
Home warranty on properties up for sale can be transfered to new owners. The new owners can make any future decisions to change or upgrade plans.
Policy Transfer
Be sure to inquire about whether or not it is possible to transfer your policy once you move. Also, check to see if there is a fee for transfering to new owners.
Size Limits
There are no limitations on how many square feet your home is. At Liberty Home Protection, all sizes are welcome – for the same great low price.
Size Limits
Check to see if additional charges apply for policy holders with homes in excess of 5,000 square feet.
Coverage Requirements
At Liberty Home Protection, all consumer households are eligible for a home warranty, no inspections required. No home is denied the possibility of protection.

Coverage Requirements
Check to see if part of the qualification process is based on a mandatory home inspection.

Age Restrictions
We do not determine qualification for coverage based on the risk factor associated with older appliances.

Age Restrictions
Research how much emphasis is placed on the age of your appliances to qualify for home warranty coverage.




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