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Choosing the Best Home Warranty Company - Why Some are Better than Others.
Which warranty provider will be the most advantageous for your type of household and considerate of your needs? Understanding the fine print can make all the difference in signing with a gem or a dud.
With so many plan providers competing for your business, it is difficult to determine which is the best home warranty company. In a world of mass-marketed appeals for your attention and time, it is difficult not to get blind-sighted.

You Have Mail

Shiny offers trickle into your email box by the dozen, circulars burst from the mail – each more vulgar and explosive than the last. The TV is densely packed with 60-second blocks, drawing you in with compelling messages delivered with fish hook accuracy: surely you have not truly lived until you have tried this, ingested that, worn our clothing, smelled like the rainforest, listened to music like this, flown in this aircraft, driven this brand of luxury sedan. With so many choices to make, it’s no wonder at the end of the day you are perplexed by the most basic things in life: choosing the best home warranty company for you and your family.

Keep it simple. Why not choose the home warranty company that delivers the best for the least? You’re no chump. You’ve haven’t achieved the American dream of homeownership without having learned a few lessons on the way. Surely, you’ll roll up your shirtsleeves and do what so many others are doing: a little comparison-shopping. If doing a little muscle work is what it takes, then by Jove, get ready. And just to make the task a little less daunting, we’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the most winning features of the home warranty industry for you!

Home Warranty Company Coverage
What type of policy coverage means the most to you? Are you interested in covering all household systems and appliances? Then do a little comparison-shopping on the rates of comprehensive systems. See who will give you the best price on the whole lot – the combination packages which include everything – being all systems like plumbing, electrical and HVAC as well as your trusty appliances. Or, you may only be interested in covering your kitchen and laundry appliances. If this is the case, compare prices again to see who has the most amount of coverage for these items.

Repair vs. Replacement
Look to see who has the most favorable policies when it comes to the dreaded repair vs. replacement determination. Read through the terms and conditions and focus on a few tip-offs: will the home warranty company replace defective components with like-kind or better units; will they cover items of all ages; how is the repair vs. replacement determination made? The best home warranty companies will truly look out for your appliances and replace them with units that are of equal value.

Customer Service and Support
When deciding on a home warranty company, this is not an area to be overlooked. After all, these are the ‘professionals’ you’ll be communicating with when you need to file a claim, or even if you have a basic question. Look for the following: what type of training or credentials do the customer service representatives have; are they available around-the-clock; what is the typical turn-around time to have an appliance repair completed by; do they offer amenities like toll-free hotlines? Remember, a premier home warranty company will deliver the entire package: included in your policy should be the promise of a seamless customer service experience.

Trade Service Professionals
Last but certainly not least, you will want to be sure your home warranty company works with only the best in the industry. After all, these are the professionals you will let into your home to work on your malfunctioning appliances. Look at the credentials and skill level. It is good to team up with a home warranty company that is aligned with a network of repair technicians who recognize integrity and quality craftsmanship – and who have the certification to back it up.

Attention deficit order, be damned! You will get to the nitty-gritty in choosing the best home warranty company and you will not be pulled in by the razzle-dazzle and hype that you are subjected to on a daily basis. Focus on the important features, eliminate the fluff and get a good night sleep knowing you have done your duty in cutting to the chase and selecting the best home warranty company possible.

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